Extruded large-size split tiles

Ammonit’s specialty is
extruded large-size split tiles.

Over 100 years of quality at the same location

For 100 years, building ceramics have been produced on these premises.

Our motto: Quality is no coincidence

Our satisfied customers are our greatest asset.

Ammonit GmbH & Co. KG

The traditional company has more than a century a production base for ceramic and since 1960 owned by the family Plümacher. Given a brief overview:

Firma Ammonit Keramik

  • for more than a hundred years, ceramics for architectural application have been produced in the same place
  • since 1983, production of split tiles according to DIN 18 166
  • all marketable sizes and trim pieces in outstanding quality
  • ammonit’s specialty is
    – extruded large-size split tiles for floor and facade
    – for indoors and outdoors
    – in natural colours and elegant rustic glazings
  • problem solutions by convenient trim pieces
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