Colours Unglazed

An overview of the colour unglazed split tiles. To enlarge please click on the image.

Farbe 110 antik, "R11" "A" Farbe 120 hellrot-natur, "R11" "A" Farbe 130 rot-natur, "R11" "A+B" Farbe 133 westfalen-rot-bunt, "R11" "A"

Colour 110 antique slip
resistance "R11" "A"

Colour 120 light-red nature
slip resistance "R11" "A"

Colour 130 red-nature
slip resistance "R11" "A+B"

Colour 133 westfalen red- melange slip resistance "R11" "A"
Farbe 140 rot-bunt, "R11" "A" Farbe 156 rot-blau-geflammt, "R11" "A+B" Farbe 160 rot-geflammt, "R11" "A" Farbe 280 herbst-rustik, "R11" "A"
Colour 140 red-melange
slip resistance "R11" "A"
Colour 156 red-blue-flamed slip resistance "R11" "A+B" Colour 160 red-flamed
slip resistance "R11" "A"
Colour 280 autumn rustic
slip resistance "R11" "A"
Farbe 270 gelb-bunt, "R11" "A" Farbe 240 herbstfarben, "R11" "A"    
Colour 270 yelllow-melange
slip resistance "R11" "A"
Colour 240 autumn coloured slip resistance "R11" "A"    

As a special production, colour 130 – rednature, is also available in an R12 version, a special surface treatment. Further colours R12 / R13 on demand. Special production procedures enable us to fire very close to the sinter point. This allows us to obtain an above average density of the ceramic body and a water absorption of less than 1%. Especially this technical value is located far above the DIN standard. That is why our ceramic covering is stain resistant to a large extent.

There is no colour screen that could reflect the delicate colour shades of the ceramic original. Therefore, please order samples when needed.

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