Wide scope of brick slips

The wide range of colours, glazed and unglazed, together with the necessary spezial shapes, enable to create modern architecture. Brick slips from ammonit keramik are not only the aesthetical supplement for the heat insulation. The brick slips meet the requirements of many insulation system manufacturers. On the one hand they save energy, on the other hand they provide a long-lasting facade, easy to care and keeping its value.

Spezial sizes and shapes on request.

An overview of brick slips. To enlarge please click on the image.

Farbe 13000 rot-natur glatt Farbe 14000 rot-bunt glatt Farbe 13050 rot-natur genarbt Farbe 14500 rot-nuanciert glatt
13000 red natural smooth 14000 red multi smooth 13050 red creased 14500 red flashed smooth
Farbe 13090 rot-natur genarbt besandet 14590 rot-nuanciert genarbt besandet Farbe 12280 terra-natur glatt Farbe 25600 gelb-natur glatt
13090 red creased sanded gdffdfdd 14590 red flashed creased sanded 12280 terra-natural smooth gdffdfdd 25600 natural yellow smooth 
Farbe 29000 lederfarben-natur-bunt glatt 29050 lederfarben-natur-bunt genarbt Farbe 27000 gelb-orange-bunt glatt 26000 gelb-bunt glatt
29000 leather natural multi smooth 29050 leather natural multi creased 27000 buff-orange multi smooth
26000 buff multi smooth   gdffdfd 
Farbe 24000 herbstfarben glatt Farbe 14090 rot-bunt genarbt besandet Farbe 60003 grau-nuanciert glatt Farbe 94180 braun-grau-bunt glatt
24000 autumn leaf smooth  gdffdfd  fdfdfdfd 14090 red multi creased sanded 60003 grey multi smooth  gdffdfd  94180 brown-grey multi smooth
Farbe 92800 braun-braun-bunt glatt Farbe 33250 bordeaux genarbt Farbe 93800 blau-blau-bunt glatt Farbe 93700 blau-braun-kohle-bunt glatt
92800 brown-grey multi smoothfdddfdf 33250 bordeaux creased  gdffdfd  fddddfd 93800 blue-blue multi smoothdfdfdddfd 93700 blue brown coal brindled smooth
Farbe 92900 schwarz-grau-braun glatt Farbe 86305 rot-orange-kohle-bunt glatt Farbe 13392 rot-bunt ofengeflammt genarbt besandet Farbe 13302 rot-bunt ofengeflammt glatt
92900 black-grey-brown smooth 86305 red-orange coal brindled smooth 13392 red multi clamp fired creased sanded 13302 red multi clamp fired smooth
Farbe 15600 rot-blau-bunt glatt Farbe 14050 rot-bunt genarbt Farbe 16000 rot-geflammt glatt Farbe 92905 braun-orange-kohle-bunt glatt
15600 red blue multi smoothffdddfdf f 14050 red multi creasedffdddfdf 16000 red heavy multi smooth ffdddfdf 92905 brown–orange coal brindled smooth

There is no colour screen that could reflect the delicate colour shades of the ceramic original. Therefore, please order samples when needed.

The ammonit keramik range.

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